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   2014 is off to a good start, we're in our new meeting place, we had a great turnout, and our 2014 quarterly contest is started. 

   I hope everyone likes our new home, we have more than enough room to do some new and exciting things. Dan Hogan is going to be starting his instructional seminars along with members willing to share their knowledge with all of us. 

   Some members have brought up the low lighting in the back of the building and as I told them, I seriously doubt the squad is going to install lighting in the back just for us. The building has been there for years, they have had a caterer in charge of it, they have rented it out to a dance instructor and have used it for many other causes without issue. My advice is to do as I did on the first night, if the lighting is an issue, pick up a small flashlight. They are cheap enough. 

   In would rather deal with a low light issue, rather than outside wooden stairs, smaller room, and an exterior stairway light with a mind of its own. I think most of you would also. 

   Someone also asked for a special section in the newsletter for member feedback. My issue with the idea is that the entire newsletter should be member feedback. It's your newsletter to put in what you want. I have been asking the membership for YEARS to contribute to the newsletter. While we do have some contributors, they are pretty much the same members. I am always asking for member feedback and generally get no responses. We have been asking for member profiles for years, how many of you have contributed to that? Before we start creating more special sections in the newsletter, letís start utilizing what we have, start contributing. We have a phenomenal newsletter; your contribution can only make it better. Be a part of it. 

   Don't forget your yearly dues are due this month, if you don't pay up you'll lose your newsletter, your ability to participate and vote in contests and all the other perks of membership. It's only 10 bucks for the year, make sure you are paid up. 

   Hopefully we will get some reports from the Big Sit, I had to miss this years. Let us know how it was. I know a few members attended. 

   We had 8 models entered into our first quarterly contest of 2014, Heavy Commercial. The wildcard winner was Stash Serzan, 3rd place went to Al Meske, 2nd went to Chuck Rehberger and 1st place went to John Stark (me). Great job by all of you that entered. You can check out the pictures of the winners and all the models put out by going to the message board. (Which you all should be signed up for and checking out anyhow)  Hey guess what, there's a spot on there for member feedback, opinions etc. Are you all on board with that? Somehow I don't think so. Why not? 

   Kit raffle winners for the night were Nick (where have you been?) Marcigliano, Stash Serzan, and Jonathan Kuna. Congrats to all the winners. 

   At one of my other clubs both Bill and Jonathan gave us their feedback on the side trip they took to Nicholas Smith Trains and Hobbies in Broomall PA. Perhaps they can give us a report at the meeting, or maybe a write up in the newsletter. These are the kinds of things that are newsletter worthy. 

   We also had two potential new members drop by, Vic Collins and Jerry Armellino stopped in to check us out. They both filled out membership applications and I sent them the January copy of our newsletter to welcome them to our little band of Plastic addicts.  

   I also went onto vista print and ordered up some new club cards. This had to be done because of our new location, hopefully I will have them in time for our next meeting. 

   We are also putting a gift basket together for the First Aid Squads gift basket auction on April 25th. If you have anything you might like to contribute please let me know at the March meeting. 

That seems like enough from me for now.  

   Remember if you have any issues or questions please feel free to call me or e-mail me, all my info is on each and every newsletter. 


As always Remember:


 John Stark





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